Winter driving in Iceland on winter tyres

Winter driving in Iceland can be exceptionally great experience if done with care in a quality car with quality winter tyres. Winter driving in Iceland requires different skills and winter tyres are an essential part of driving in Iceland in winter. Book now your Dollar rent a car with quality winter tyres for your winter driving in Iceland.

Icy and snowy roads

During winter in Iceland roads can be icy and therefore very slippery so winter driving in Iceland requires outmost focus of the driver. This is especially true in windy conditions. Roads can also be covered with deep snow. If the conditions are too bad the National Road Administration will most likely close the road for your safety until conditions change. Please check road conditions on website which is updated frequently if road conditions change. The National Weather Office updates their website regularly.

If the vehicle starts to slide, DO NOT PANIC. Keep calm, let go of the accelerator and try to steer in the direction the rear side is pointing. TAP THE BREAK GENTLY several times and keep calm. Do not push the brake to the floor as the tyres might lock - losing their ability to slow you down. In strong winds cars can be blown off icy roads.

Driving in snow - getting stuck

Off road driving is strictly forbidden even though there is snow everywhere. Yellow sticks mark where the road lies if the lines are unclear. Often snow removal services are limited in rural areas so make sure you always check the road condition and weather before you leave.

Try avoiding roads with heavy snow as the vehicle will most likely get stuck which can cause a costly rescue, possible high damages to the rental vehicle and delays on your trip. 

If you get stuck in snow - try wiggling the vehicle back and forth without pressing the accellerator to hard. Have someone push the vehicle while you wiggle it. Also move snow away from the tyres and from underneath the car.

If you can't get out by your self please call for assistance. DO NOT LEAVE THE VEHICLE. The weather can change extremely quickly, preventing you to finding the vehicle again.

Rent a 4x4 for winter driving in Iceland

We recommend renting a 4x4 for winter driving in Iceland. Please check our rent a 4x4 page.

Winter tyres for the rent a car

During winter all our rent a cars, both 2x4 and 4x4, are equipped with quality winter tyres from the Nokian quality tyre producer in Finland. These quality tyres are specially made for driving in winter so they are perfect for tough Iceland winter driving conditions.

Studded winter tyres

Studded winter tyres can be provided on request if you need to drive in areas with really icy and snowy conditions. Please be aware that the Icelandic laws state that studded tyres are only allowed from 1st. november to 15th april each year.

Roadside assistance

All about roadside assistance from Dollar Rent A Car.

Book your Dollar rent a car now with quality winter tyres for your winter driving in Iceland.

Blinding sun

Sunny weather can have a large effect on your visibility and be risky while driving. Then sun sits low in the sky during winter and often completely in the driver's line of sight. When combined with icy or wet roads - the reflection can be blinding.

To have the best visibility possible make sure that your windshield are clean and that your windshield wipers work properly. Finally remember your sunglasses !

Patches of Ice.

It is common to find patches of ice on Icelandic roads in the winter time. Even though the roads have been clear for miles a small patch can do a lot of damage, especially to a driver who is not alert.

Black Ice

Black Ice describes invisible Ice. You can not see it on the road even though the roads are very slippery. This can happen quickly when the temperatures drop even just a little bit.