Iceland F-roads

Iceland F-roads are mountain roads. F-roads are marked with an F in front of the road number, for example, F210. They are really rough to drive on and are only suitable for AWD and 4x4 rental cars. Please make sure to rent a 4x4 or AWD rental car if you plan on visiting the highlands and drive on F-roads.


These AWD rental cars are allowed on F-roads. They are categorized as Smaller AWD/4x4 vehicles. However these cars are not allowed on the following F-roads that are only suitable for larger AWD/4x4 vehicles. Our fleet is not suitable for these F-roads:

  • F88 and F894 (Öskjuleið)
  • F249 (Þórsmörk)
  • F578 (Arnarvatnsheiði)

Remember - always check road conditions on before entering an F-road.

Opening and conditions of F-ROADS in Iceland

All F-roads in Iceland are CLOSED during winter and spring. Opening dates for F-roads vary each year depending on weather and road conditions. The roads are not maintained regularly as normal roads and are therefore much rougher. Big rocks and large holes are also common on F-roads and that can easily damage the undercarriage on your rental car and cause expensive damages.

For further information about openings and road conditions please check the website of the National Road Administration,

Opening dates on F-roads in Iceland.

Off-road driving in Iceland is illegal

Off-road driving is illegal in Iceland. Icelandic nature is very delicate and off-road driving will leave tyre marks which can be visible for decades. This applies to all types of landscapes, grass, black sand, gravel etc - off-road driving ALWAYS leaves a lasting mark on nature and is considered vandalism.

Off-road driving is subject to high fines. Also, no insurance covers damage to the rental vehicle while driving off-road.